Forex News: Gold Price June 17 2017 (5)

The Top 3 Silver Penny Stocks For 2017

Acquiring gold for a nation is a costly expense, but in times of economic trouble, countries want more gold in their reserves. The price has moved as high as $116.17 in 2017 and is currently consolidating above short-term support at $112.81. In the short-term, a rally above $116.17 indicates another move higher, with the next likely target area between $123 and $124.75. At that point, gold could bump up against resistance from the topping pattern that developed in mid-2016.

Mobileiron Inc ( MOBL ) came public at $10 in June 2014 and ground sideways into a 2015 decline that persisted into the September 2016 all-time low at $2.56. It charged higher in October, filling the May 2016 gap before stalling in November just 20-cents below 17-month base resistance (blue line) at $4.70. Two fourth quarter lows at the 200-day EMA have added to a rounded correction that now favors a breakout toward intermediate barriers at $6 and $7.10. The Feb.

The price of gold in Hyderabad during the first quarter of 2017, till now, has seen a steady rise with an overall price change of about 2%. The precious metal has seen great returns in terms of investment and is touted to be a reliable form of investment.

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